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SkyToll OBU

Toll billing in Slovakia 


SkyToll OBU for Slovakia

Simple invoicing of tolls in Slovakia


In Slovakia, all vehicles > 3.5 t of permissible gross weight require the electronic SkyToll OBU for settlement of the toll. The toll medium for vehicles ≤ 3,5 t is an electronic vignette. You can find information on the  Toll country Slovakiahere. The SkyToll OBU is available in two options:

  • Postpay:
    Order your SkyToll OBU directly from UTA. You can then choose to have the device sent to you or you can pick it up at a contact or distribution centre. In this case, the subsequent settlement of Slovakian tolls via UTA is mandatory.
  • Prepay:
    You can load variable credit balance amounts on your SkyToll OBU. The prepay version is available without prior order directly at a contact or distribution centre by presenting the vehicle registration document. Simply present your UTA Card to settle as well as to load a credit.

No matter which version you choose: UTA Edenred makes tolls easy. With UTA Edenred you are always mobile and flexible!

Which tolls are covered by the SkyToll OBU?


Which vehicle types is the on-board unit suitable for?

Vehicles > 3.5 t

How do you order the Skytoll OBU?

How long does it take to deliver the OBU?

The shipment can take up to two weeks. The toll operator will only send the toll box after full receipt of the deposit and shipping costs.

What costs are incurred by the OBU?

We have all the details ready for you. Please contact us for a tailored offer.!

How do you install the OBU?

A permanent installation is mandatory for postpay OBUs and must be carried out by a Cesmad workshop. OBUs settled through the prepay process can be easily attached to the lower, central area of your vehicle's windscreen using suction cups. Power is supplied via the cigarette lighter.

Through Slovakia with UTA!

It's easy to order your SkyToll OBU for your trips through Slovakia via UTA Edenred. This way, you stay mobile at all times! Please contact us with any questions.

Our experts will be happy to show you the possibilities of the SkyToll OBU. Contact us:

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