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UTA SmartConnect®

Wherever your fleet is on the road - you're there!

With UTA SmartConnect®, the new telematics solution from UTA Edenred, you remain connected to your vehicles at all times and Europe-wide, as if you were sitting in the cab with them. Using the solution, you can quickly and easily locate the exact position of your vehicles via GPS for a real-time overview of your fleet. Whether in the office or on the road, UTA SmartConnect drives efficient fleet administration, particularly for logistics.

Information at a glance - in one system

Detailed reports of the routes taken by your vehicles are available at the touch of a button for further analysis and improved administrative control. Additionally, the solution shows traffic accidents as well as the nearest UTA fuel stations. This saves you considerable time on route planning and allows you to proactively navigate traffic-related incidents.

Two solutions in one device

The telematics service UTA SmartConnect® can be easily activated via the Service Center. With the small black box, you and your drivers enjoy the best of both worlds: The advantages of the perfect fleet management solution with UTA telematics and the convenient UTA toll service - in just one device! That is what digital logistics with a system is all about.


Simplify fleet management with the UTA SmartConnect® telematics service

You - and your dispatcher - will quickly appreciate the solution's capabilities. It's the development the logistics industry has been waiting for! With UTA SmartConnect®, day-to-day fleet administration becomes more precise, more transparent and - above all - more convenient. It also drives the efficiency and safety of logistics and transportation.

Take a more modern approach to fleet management: Put your trust in UTA SmartConnect® today!

  • Increased transparency
    Maintain an overview of the position and routes taken by vehicles your fleet.

  • Reassuring certainty
    A telematics application that records and reviews driving activity, including the routes taken by your drivers, and ensures the timely delivery of your freight.

  • Accurate information
    Real-time tracking enables you to keep track of the availability of goods to manage complex supply chains. For safer production and increased customer satisfaction.

  • Improved cooperation
    Digitalisation saves time and money: Help your drivers navigate traffic incidents - after all, you know exactly where they are and where they're going.

  • Efficient fuel planning
    In addition to its technical advantages, the service provides a compelling value proposition. That's because within the UTA network, you always fill up at the lowest cost and save 10% in administrative effort per employee. UTA SmartConnect
    ® also saves you time because it it shows you the nearest fuel stations.

  • Convenient package
    Enjoy all the benefits of UTA's telematics and toll settlement services in a single box.

Discover the comprehensive functionality of UTA SmartConnect®!

UTA SmartConnect® Basic
Service package:
  • Real-time vehicle positions and traffic information (including congestion and routes travelled)
  • Individually-adjustable POIs as well as predefined UTA POIs
  • Route planning, including toll costs and ETAs
  • Detailed reports on vehicle and driver activities
  • Maintenance plan
  • News service
  • Driver and fleet manager app included
  • API Integration - GPS data

Our modern telematics solution provides numerous functions that significantly reduce the planning and management effort of your fleet.

Features at a glance:

  • Real-time vehicle positions and traffic information

  • Route planning with tolls and ETAs

  • Travel activity (4 months)

  • Detailed reports on vehicle and driver activities

  • Maintenance plan

  • Individually-adjustable POIs as well as predefined UTA POIs

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