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Mandatory tolls in Poland

Through Poland Edenred with UTA


Through Poland Edenred with UTA

If you plan to traverse Poland or end your ride here, you need to inform yourself on the local circumstances before you start, as the mandatory tolls for road users and the road network are not uniform. One can only establish that part of the motorways A1, A2 and A4 currently observe a mandatory toll for all motor vehicles.

In addition to the state toll operating company Szef KAS (Szefem Krajowej Administracji Skarbowej) there exist in Poland three further, private concessionaires which levy toll fees on different motorways or on partial stretches of these.

UTA Edenred will inform you below in detail about whether you, when driving a passenger car or > 3.5 t vehicle on a specific route, are subject to mandatory tolls, and we provide you with practical solutions.


The Polish toll system

How tolls are collected

Open system: The e-TOLL network harnesses GNSS technology and uses toll portals
Fees incurred will vary depending on the route and the charging authority.
Closed system: With entrances and exits, manual payment of tolls or extra lanes for vehicles with on-board equipment.
Mandatory: A certified GNSS toll collection solution is required for toll collection within the e-TOLL network.

Toll solutions for Poland

UTA acceptance media for tolls in Poland

Vehicles > 3.5 t Vehicles ≤ 3.5 t
or light commercial vehicles
e-TOLL route network
UTA One® next
(postpay process)

UTA Card
(prepay and postpay processes)
UTA Card
(prepay and postpay processes)
Private concessionaires
A1 (Rusocin - Czerniewice), A2 (Świecko - Nowy Tomyśl - Konin) , A4 (Katowice - Kraków)
UTA Card
additionally for the A4:
UTA One® next
Telepass EU

Mandatory tolls in Poland

With UTA Edenred your journey through Poland will be more relaxed

Freight drivers > 3.5 t are well taken care of by UTA: We provide you with the right to use the e-TOLL network and specific sections of motorways operated by concessionaires. Simply use your UTA Card.

Those who prefer to use an on-board unit (OBU) for e-TOLL toll collection can opt for our UTA One® OBU . This solution also provides convenient toll settlement on the A4 (Katowice - Krakow). On this section of the A4, you can also use a Telepass EU OBU .

As a driver of a passenger car or a vehicle ≤ 3,5 t, you can benefit from UTA Edenred toll services. Simply present your UTA Card at toll booths on sections A1 (Nowa Wieś - Rusocin), A2 (Świecko - Konin) and A4 (Katowice - Kraków) and identify yourself as a UTA customer. This will give you access to the toll road network, with toll charges conveniently integrated into your UTA invoice. On the state-operated sections A2 (Konin - Strykow) and A4 (Bielany Wrocławskie - Sośnica), you have the option of using the UTA Full Service Card to book a section ticket (eTicket). If you're a frequent user of partial sections of the A2 (Konin - Strykow) and/or A4 (Bielany Wrocławskie - Sośnica), you can also pay tolls electronically via the e-TOLL system. Just register your UTA Card details in the e-TOLL portal to use UTA's proven billing service on a prepaid or postpaid basis.

Whichever method of toll settlement you choose - UTA Edenred is at your side as a strong and competent partner!

Tax refunds in Poland

Your tax advantages in Poland

In Poland, the toll collected through the GITD already counts as an official levy and therefore no additional taxes apply to this fee.

On the other hand, on the privately held sections of the A 1, A 2 and A 4 motorways, taxes are levied on usage fees, which business owners can have reimbursed. The current tax rate in Poland is 23%.

Through a power of attorney, our service provider can complete an application on your behalf and manage all associated correspondence. This saves you administrative effort and worrying about language barriers!

Learn more about your tax advantages.


UTA customer portal

Information at a glance

In the UTA customer portal, we provide detailed information and documents about individual toll solutions for you to download. Moreover, you can view your neatly arranged invoices anytime. Conveniently manage your UTA acceptance media, even outside of office hours!