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UTA One® Move

Through Europe with ease - now also for vehicles up to 3,5 t


UTA One® Move - the European toll box for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles

Settle tolls in four countries with one on-board unit


Now you can use UTA's comprehensive toll service for vehicles of up to 3,5 tonnes: With the interoperable on-board unit UTA One® Move, your passenger cars, vans and minibuses can travel across borders through France, Portugal, Spain and Italy (including Milan). Because with UTA One® Move, you can settle passenger car tolls in these four countries quickly and smoothly. It's completely electronic and cashless, too. 

Ferry and truck parks? Use UTA One® Move!

With UTA One® Move, you can not only process tolls, but also pay for numerous truck parks in France, Portugal, Spain and Italy. In Italy, you can use UTA One® Move to pay for truck parks as well as the Caronte ferry without cash.
UTA One® Move enables you to save time and money on your trips through southern Europe. 

Use our unique service: UTA One® Move combines the experience of UTA One® with the mobility know-how of UTA.

UTA One® Move requires less fleet management

Regardless of whether you want to pay tolls in France for your passenger car, or pay for tolls in Italy, Spain or Portugal: UTA One® Move is about more than just road tolls. UTA One® Move optimises processes. It improves fleet management by reducing adminstration and time expendature with the UTA One® Move thanks to fast, uncomplicated ordering and cashless payments, transparent invoicing and advanced invoicing services with ferries and truck parks. Changing a vehicle or license plate is also easier: Simply make changes using the toll box.

How your drivers benefit:

With UTA One® Move, your drivers benefit from an easy-to-use toll device that automatically settles billing at toll stations. Cashless payment saves time and lost paper receipts are a thing of the past.

UTA One® Move - everything you need to know

Which countries or routes does UTA ​​One® Move cover?

  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Milan (Area C)

For which vehicle types is UTA ​​One® Move suitable?

Vehicles ≤ 3.5 t

What services does UTA One® Move offer?

  • Toll service: France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Milan (area C) 
  • Parking service:  France, Italy, Portugal, Spain
  • Ferry booking: Caronte (Italy)

How do you order UTA One® Move?

What does UTA One® Move cost?

We are happy to discuss tariffs on request and prepare a quote tailored to your needs.

How do you install UTA One® Move?

Attaching the box is easy, but we recommend referring to the instructions for use. For error-free data transmission, it is essential that you position the box correctly on your windscreen.

Mobility across borders with UTA One® Move

Information about tolls in your transit countries

 UTA One® Move is an ideal on-board unit when traveling through Italy, France, Portugal and Spain. Below is detailed information on toll obligations for the following countries:


Settle tolls, truck parks and the ferry - all with UTA One® Move!

Travel with ease: Discover the advantages of UTA One® Move now!

With UTA One® Move you can do more than just pay for tolls and optimise fleet management: It offers real added value!

For light loads

It needn't be heavy - UTA One® Move is the ideal toll solution for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles of up to 3,5 t.

Activated tolls

France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal – with a single toll solution! In addition, with UTA One® Move you can easily settle vehicle tolls for the Caronte ferry in Italy.

Parking made easy

Use UTA One® Move for the cashless settlement of parking fees in numerous European cities and on motorways.

Update vehicle data flexibly

Want to use UTA One® Move in another vehicle in your fleet? No problem! In the UTA customer portal you can easily assign your toll unit to another vehicle.

Automatic toll settlement

Reduce downtime with automatic, cashless toll settlement and travel comfortably across Europe.

End paper chaos

Thanks to clear invoicing, collecting receipts is a thing of the past. This way, you'll save administrative effort and have more time to spend on business operations.

Complete overview

Thanks to the detailed trip reporting, you can stay fully informed and evaluate data from individual trips for further optimisation.

Easy installation, simple to use

It's easy to use UTA One® Move! Just attach it to the windscreen and drive.

Questions about UTA One® Move?

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