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Tolls in Portugal

Through Portugal with UTA Edenred


Through Portugal with UTA Edenred

In Portugal, much like in Spain and France, tolls are collected through various concessionaires. As a basic principle, all vehicles are subject to tolls. The system of toll collection in Portugal is very complex, and includes many important details which should be taken into account.

On a portion of the motorways, toll collection is performed electronically. As a result, settling tolls on-site using cash or a credit card is not possible. On other routes, by contrast, drivers will encounter the classic toll booths at which the tolls can be paid in cash or with a credit card.

Non-Portuguese vehicles equipped with an on-board unit, as well as companies which register in advance and make an advance lump sum settlement before entering the Portuguese toll network, can be sure they're on the safe side. In all cases, however, drivers should inform themselves comprehensively about their intended routes and the settlement of toll charges.

UTA Edenred is happy to advise you on the best method for you to settle your toll charges! Also have a look at our extensive product portfolio, with which you can save time and money on Portuguese motorways.


Portuguese toll charges

This is how the toll is collected in Portugal

A closed toll system with entrances and exits is used on the motorways in Portugal. The toll is calculated on the basis of the distance of the route covered (entrance and exit) and the categorisation of the vehicle. This in turn is made on the basis of the number of axles and the height of the vehicle.

Class 1

Passenger cars (even with a trailer) with a height under 1.10 metres at the front axle

Class 2

Vehicles with two axles and a height of 1.10 metres or higher at the front axle

Class 3

Vehicles with three axles and a height of 1.10 metres or higher at the front axle

Class 4

Vehicles with more than three axles and a height of 1.10 metres or higher at the front axle

Manual settlement of the toll charges

Printing a ticket at the toll booth when entering the section of the route subject to a toll > settlement at the exit, in cash or by credit card.


Electronic settlement of the toll charges


Use of an on-board unit: Automatic lane (marked with a green "V") and booking at the toll booth

"Toll Service" - electronic 3-day vignette: You register your vehicle online and can then use the toll road network on which the toll is collected electronically for three days and without limit.
“Way Airport”: You can book an electronic ticket just for the drive to the Portuguese airports of Porto and Faró that is for a precisely specified date and route. This is possible online at
“Toll Card”: Use of a prepaid card in conjunction with the provision of the relevant vehicle registration number: You settle a prepaid toll card, e.g. at a motorway fuel station (alternatively, also available online prior to starting your journey at, for a specific credit amount that is linked to your vehicle registration number. The amount of the toll is then deducted from the credit balance. The period of validity is a maximum of one year.
"Easy Toll": Entry of the relevant vehicle registration number into the registration system in conjunction with a credit card (possible at "Welcome Points" in border areas): The toll charges will subsequently be debited to your bank card. This settlement method for the electronic toll is limited to a stay of up to 30 days.

Bear in mind
Retroactive settlement of electronic tolls at corresponding offices, fuel stations, etc. is only possible for vehicles with a Portuguese registration number!

UTA Edenred toll media in Portugal

Use an on-board unit from UTA Edenred

Vehicles > 3.5 t light vehicles/
passenger cars ≤ 3.5 t
UTA One® next UTA One® Move
Telepass EU
UTA MultiBox®
UTA MultiBox® Light

UTA Edenred toll service in Portugal

Overview of your advantages with UTA Edenred

With the UTA toll service, toll billing in Portugal is easy:

Easy postpay settlement with attractive settlement deadline when using an OBU
Online administration of your toll media in the UTA customer portal
Consultation by phone and customer support by toll experts during business hours
Detailed and clear collective invoice with VAT receipt for your toll volume
Form and informational documents for download in the UTA customer portal

Tax refunds in Portugal

Take the change to reimburse your Portuguese value added tax

Business owners, get the VAT collected on Portuguese tolls refunded! Currently VAT is at 23%. Our service provider enjoys organising requests for reimbursement and takes on any subsequent communication required. You won't have to deal with officials or worry about language barriers! We will go through all processes needed to get you that credit note.