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UTA Edenred’s Champ on the Road series recognises the hard work and dedication of Europe’s professional drivers

Every day, Europe’s professional drivers are out on the road, working under time-pressure and often challenging conditions. Their hard work and dedication keeps economies strong and makes daily life easier for all of us. Where would we be without them?

UTA Edenred is celebrating these unsung heroes through its Champ on the Road series, which will take place at select petrol stations in eight European countries throughout 2023. During these events, UTA Edenred, together with UTA acceptance partners, will provide truckers with free give-aways such as travel accessories and refreshments after they refuel their vehicles.

Champ on the Road events are planned for Austria, Germany, Estonia, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Spain and Romania.

Visit our website for a complete list of dates, times and locations to take part:  www.uta.com/events.