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Toll country Czechia

Across borders through Czechia with UTA Edenred


Across borders through Czechia with UTA Edenred

In the Czech Republic, motor vehicles with a gross combined weight of > 3.5 t are subject to tolls on all motorways and expressways, as well as "category one" roads. The Czech toll is charged on the basis of kilometres driven and the number of axles, tonnage, and emission class. There are numerous stations in Czechia, known as distribution points (often near the border) or contact points, where users of the electronic on-board unit MYTO CZ Box can find a large selection of services.
There is a mandatory vignette for vehicles ≤ 3.5 t (except motorcycles and motor trikes) in the entire motorway network. Toll-free sections are mainly found around major cities and are often identified by corresponding pictogrammes.


The toll system in Czechia

How tolls are collected

Tolls are collected through an open system with toll portals and using satellite technology.

An on-board unit is mandatory within the electronic toll system for vehicles with a gross draw weight of > 3.5 t.

The vignette system applies to vehicles ≤ 3.5 t: By purchasing the vignette, toll is paid in advance. The amount of the charge is based on the valid period.

UTA Edenred toll solutions for Czechia

Choose the appropriate toll medium for your needs

HGVs or vehicles with permitted total weight > 3.5 t Passenger cars or vehicles with permitted total weight ≤ 3.5 t
MYTO CZ Box Vignette

Please contact us for more information.

How can you get the Myto CZ OBU?


Prepay process:

You will receive your MYTO CZ Box on site at a sales point.​​​​​​​ Just present your UTA card to settle the toll medium and to add credit.


Postpay process:

The order and invoicing are processed easily and conveniently through UTA. This way, there are no additional expenses for you with potential refunds of credit balances. Simply obtain your pre-registered MYTO CZ OBU on site at any sales point.​​​​​​​.

How do you get the vignette?


Vignette settle:

Vignettes can be obtained via the online portal, at self-service stations near the border or at EuroOil fuelling stations. Please contact us for more information.

Get more information about UTA toll solutions for Czechia here:

Your UTA Edenred toll service in Czechia

Our toll service makes your drive easier

With UTA Edenred as your competent partner, your journey to and through the Czechia will be easy! For users of an on-board unit, UTA Edenred offers both prepay and postpay procedures. In the postpay process, you benefit from the convenient, cashless settlement of toll charges through your UTA bill.

Thus, you will remain mobile and flexible at all times!


UTA customer portal

Accessible for you anytime

In the UTA customer portal, we provide detailed information and documents about individual toll solutions for you to download. In addition, you can view your invoices anytime.

Manage your toll media independently of our operating hours and always stay on top of your fleet!