UTA Service Center

Providing central, online access to all UTA services


Welcome to the UTA Service Center

Your key to easy and quick self management

The UTA Service Center is your central access point to all UTA online services. Here you can easily and quickly settle all UTA matters online. You can react quickly to changes in your fleet and order fuel and service cards and toll boxes , or block them if necessary. Define the number and amount of daily transactions or limit respective UTA Edenred fuel cards to specific countries and usage periods.

In addition, UTA e-invoice provides you with a fast, flexible and environmentally friendly online billing service that allows you to clearly retrieve and administer all billings and transactions. With UTA Station Finder , you have access to a route planner showing you all locations where UTA is accepted.

Numerous benefits in the UTA Service Center

Stay on top of your expenses


You can view and administer your sales and revenue reports at any time in the UTA Service Center. Various reporting tools help you stay on top of your expense control. Your use of our UTA Plus Services is displayed just as clearly as your fuelling or toll expenses.

UTA Edenred takes the security of your data very seriously. Therefore, we protect all data against access by others: Password protection, HTTPS encryption, data mirroring, and a special firewall system ensure your data is accessible to noone but you. Through the flexible assignment of rights and roles, you decide who and which functions in your company are granted online access and what pages are accessible to which employees.

Here are the key benefits of the UTA Service Center:

Flexible system of rights and roles
Accessible 24/7
Covenient and clear overviews
No more paperwork
Useable on any computer
Password protected
Central management of your data
Available in 13 languages