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Passenger car and HGV tolls in Switzerland and in Liechtenstein

All information about toll country Switzerland


All information about toll country Switzerland

Different systems are used for toll collection in Switzerland: For passenger cars ≤ 3.5 tonnes there is a mandatory vignette to use the motorways. For vehicles > 3.5 t a heavy vehicle charge is collected for the use of the entire road network. An additional distinction is made between vehicles involved in goods transport (LSVA) and those primarily involved in passenger transport (PSVA).

UTA Edenred will inform you about everything you need to know about toll collection in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.


Toll settlement

This is how the toll is collected in Switzerland

The Swiss toll is divided into the following toll systems:

Time-based vignettes for light vehicles up to 3,5 tonnes. The valid period of the vignette is 1 year or 14 months (01.12.-31.01. after the year printed on the vignette). The vignette is mandatory for the use of motorways.
LSVA (performance-based heavy vehicle charge) for vehicles >
3.5 t transporting goods. The LSVA is mandatory for the entire road network in Switzerland
PSVA (lump-sum heavy vehicle charge) applies to passenger transport vehicles 
The vignettes are controlled through three systems:
Mobile and stationary checks by the Federal Customs Administration.
Additional checks by police in the cantons.
Fixed control stations in heavily frequented sections of roads.

UTA toll media

An overview of your options with UTA Edenred

HGVs Passenger car
LSVA Vignette
≤ 3.5 t or light commercial vehicles
UTA Card
UTA One® next
Cash only  
Great St Bernard Tunnel  
UTA Card  

*Available at selected fuel stations in our partner network.

Toll charge via an on-board unit

OBU Emotach

The toll charge using the on-board unit Emotach is mainly designed for Swiss vehicles. However, installation of the OBU for drivers who frequently visit Switzerland can be requested. But the Federal Customs Administration has specific requirements for this. Moreover, installation of the OBU Emotach is not cheap. If you would like to use an on-board unit to settle the LSVA, you need to open an account with the Federal Customs Administration. We will gladly advise you and provide support to you if you are considering this type of settlement. Get in touch with us any time!

By the way, Emotach users who are subject to tolls in Austria as well do not need an additional OBU: With a chip, the Austrian toll can be settled through the Swiss OBU. We would be glad to provide you with more details.


UTA toll service in Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Use our service to settle the toll

With the UTA Edenred toll service, you enjoy the following advantages in Switzerland and Liechtenstein:

Convenient charge settlement term and increased liquidity if you use the UTA card.

Settlement of the vignette at several sales points via the UTA service card. But please be aware: The settlement of the vignette with the UTA service card is, however, dependent on the respective fuel station operator.
LSVA in sales points of the Federal Customs Administration using UTA Service Cards.
Convenient charge settlement term and increased liquidity if you use the UTA card.

Important information: The PSVA can be paid in cash only!