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UTA Edenred integrates fuel and charging cards in new multi-energy solution

There are two major concerns for fleet management and fleet managers who are converting their fleets to electricity and facing the management of mixed flee

Jan 25, 2024

There are two major concerns for fleet management and fleet managers who are converting their fleets to electricity and facing the management of mixed fleets:

  • How can refuelling for all types of drives and fuel be settled easily, cashlessly, and with a single system and card?
  • What is the availability of suitable charging stations across Europe?

In Q2 2022, UTA Edenred began offering customers an all-in-one e-mobility solution. The functionality of the company’s well-known UTA fuel card was extended to include e-charging along with familiar fuel, toll and Plus services.

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UTA Edenred supports electric mobility as it evolves.

With UTA’s new Multi-Energy fuel card, drivers can charge electric vehicles and fill up without cash with petrol, diesel and alternative fuels such as biodiesel, LNG or CNG. Furthermore, they can use UTA toll and Plus services. Fleet managers receive an integrated bill for multi-energy consumption, thus saving significant time and administrative effort.

UTA Edenred customers can now access an acceptance network of fuel stations and public charging points in European countries through a partnership with ChargePoint Inc., charging network operator. Through a smartphone app, drivers can quickly and easily search for public charging stations across Europe and activate charging points.

„We want to offer our customers the best acceptance network and best all-around mobility services regardless of what type of vehicle they drive and what type of fuel they use,” says Carsten Bettermann, CEO of UTA Edenred. „Through our partnership with ChargePoint, we can offer customers a multi-energy solution from a single source, helping them simplify their mobility.“

„By partnering with UTA Edenred, we can provide fleets with the charging infrastructure they need to make a cost-effective, easy transition to electric mobility says André ten Bloemendal, Senior Vice President Europe of ChargePoint. „The collaboration offers UTA Edenred customers an end-to-end e-mobility solution featuring public, home and workplace charging so that drivers can charge whenever or wherever they need to.”

Charge your electric car on the road, at work or at home.

UTA Edenred and ChargePoint's electric charging solution is designed to cover all charging scenarios and to make billing as easy as possible. Customers have access to cost-effective charging options: at a place of work, overnight at a driver's home or at a public charging station. Meanwhile, fleet managers can perform their roles more flexibly, efficiently and economically while having a consolidated view of transactions to track costs and savings, and to bill drivers for home charging.

Easy management of mixed and electric fleets

Thanks to growth in the market for electric cars and plug-in hybrids, the switch to electric mobility is within reach for fleet managers. In addition to independence from fossil fuels and the opportunity to reduce costs, fleet managers can contribute to climate protection. However, any fleet can bring administrative burden. UTA Edenred’s integrated mobility solution offers multiple advantages. It enables drivers to find filling stations, identify and activate charging points, and authorise transactions. Fleet managers can see usage profiles of all managed electric, hybrid and conventionally powered vehicles through detailed reports. Using that data, fleet operators can more effectively control the CO2 emissions of their fleet.

In addition to energy supply UTA fuel cards provide toll processing in numerous European countries and access to Plus services such as repair, breakdown and vehicle cleaning. UTA Edenred thus offers a 360° range of mobility services.

To learn more about the UTA Multi-Energy fuel card, visit: