Toll country Belgium

Drive through Belgium with UTA Edenred


Drive through Belgium with UTA Edenred

As a country with a lot of transit traffic, Belgium has a well-developed road infrastructure. On 1 April 2016, the three regions Wallonia, Flanders and Brussels started operating the Viapass toll system, which is a toll system on motorways, expressways and some local roads for HGVs over 3.5 tonnes of total towing capacity. This new electronic system replaces the Eurovignette in Belgium. The mandatory toll was expanded to articulated lorries of class N1/BC in early 2018.

In addition to the nationwide toll, a usage fee is also levied on the Liefkenshoektunnel. The tunnel operator decides who is subject to the toll and which factors determine the fee.


The Belgian toll system

How the nationwide toll is levied

The Viapass toll system is an electronic system with GNSS technology. Tolls are calculated by locating the on-board unit and reconciling this information with the applicable fee model. Some of the factors that impact the fee are the gross weight and the emission class of the corresponding vehicle. The fees also vary throughout the different regions in Belgium.

Here is an overview of the fees in the different regions of Belgium:

Three different control systems are used for verification:


z. g. on toll bridges
e. e.g. through roadside structures
via control vehicles

Bear in mind
Belgium levies heavy fines for failure to settle tolls. Always make sure that the on-board unit in your HGV is working flawlessly and that you use the accessories for your OBU without fail!

As a UTA customer, you can get extensive additional information in the UTA customer portal on how to avoid fines.

UTA toll solutions for Belgium

The choice is yours!

For more information about the toll solutions, please visit the relevant detailed pages of the on-board units!


Getting a Satellic OBU on site

For short-term trips through Belgium

In addition to getting an OBU from UTA, you can also get one at short notice from toll operator Satellic directly at a point of sale (POS) in Belgium. Special dispensers are provided for this purpose, which enable you to purchase and return the toll media.

Simply deposit your UTA Full Service Card at the time of purchase and get your toll receipts with a convenient charge settlement term. You can also access your detailed single trip record in Satellic's Road User Portal (RUP).

We would be happy to provide you with more detailed information on all options! Simply contact us!


UTA Edenred Toll Service in Belgium

UTA Edenred advantages at a glance

Convenient postpay transactions with an attractive charge settlement term
Liefkenshoek Tunnel: Value Added Tax statement, if necessary net invoice without VAT
When buying a Satellic OBU on site: Support with account management in the online portal of the toll operator (RUP)
Information and support from our toll experts during business hours
Detailed and clear billing of toll charges
Online administration of your toll media in the UTA customer portal
Form and informational documents for download in the UTA customer portal

Tax refunds in Belgium

Potential refunds

As an business owner, you can reclaim the VAT levied on Belgian tolls. Unlike in Brussels and Flanders, tolls in Wallonia are subject to reimbursable VAT. The current tax rate is 21%. In addition to tolls, some parking fees in Belgium are also refundable.

Through a power of attorney, our service provider can arrange a VAT refund on your behalf. They will manage correspondence with relevant authorities so you don't need to worry about language barriers. You can simply look foward to a credit note!


UTA parking service in Belgium

Convenient parking with UTA Edenred

Also take advantage of UTA Edenred's constantly growing acceptance network for truck parks! We are working with numerous truck park operators in Belgium who charge parking fees via the UTA card.
Parking fees are generally refundable. Check your parking fees for a possible reimbursement of the Value Added Tax! We're happy to answer any questions you have.