HGV levy

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HGV levy

British government suspends British HGV levy

Who will be affected? 

  • All HGVs over 12 t that are not registered in the United Kingdom, except for buses, are temporarily exempt from payment of the British HGV charge. 


  • The UK HGV levy will be suspended for one further year, until July 31, 2023.

Why does it matter? 

  • The British HGV levy is to be suspended without exception on all public roads in the United Kingdom (including Northern Ireland).

Key information: 

Web service:
Throughout the period the charge is suspended, the public website for the HGV charge will continue to be available, but only for checking and updating registered account information. 

If a user has already purchased a 12- or 6-month charge, and at least 1 full month remains, a refund may be requested via the usual procedure during the period of the suspension. 
In order to request a refund, this option must be selected from the HGV account: enter the vehicle registration number and/or the date on which the charge became valid. Then, find the charge to be refunded and select the "refund" option. Follow the steps on the screen and fill in the application form. The system will automatically calculate the number of full months remaining on the charge and the amount of money to be refunded. The customer will receive an email confirming receipt of the application for a refund of the charge. Refunds can only be processed using the same means of payment originally used to settle the charge. 
If a customer has already made a prepayment, the Northgate PS team will make contact with the customer after 1 August 2020 to arrange a refund of the prepayment amount.

Resumption of the charge: 
Northgate PS will implement a proactive communication program and notify customers via email when the levy will be charged again.

New rates:
As of yet, no decisions have been made regarding specific rates for the charge upon its reintroduction. The UK government will announce when the levy will be reinstated.

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